We recognize that personal information protection is an important responsibility.
We comply with the laws and regulations concerning personal information and other norms, and declare here that we will make every effort to protect personal information.

1. About handling of a personal information

We strive to prevent employee education, maintenance of the organizational system, continuous regular audits, unauthorized access to personal information, and loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of personal information regarding the proper handling of customer personal information. We will make continuous and constant corrections and strive to strengthen the protection of your personal information.

2. About disclosure of personal information to third parties

We do not disclose any personal information to third parties except in the following cases.

  1. If customer agree with us.
  2. In the case of disclosing to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose of use to the company that has signed a contract with us.
  3. In cases where the judicial or administrative organizations, etc. are ordered to disclose or submit based from the law.
  4. Where disclosure to a third party is permitted by relevant laws or guidelines.

3. Correction, confirmation, deletion of personal information.

We strive to keep your personal information up-to-date and accurate. If there is a request for disclosure of personal information from the customer, such as correction, confirmation or deletion of personal information, we will respond appropriately after confirming that the claimant is the person in question.

4. Compliance and improvement of laws and regulations

We will comply with applicable laws and regulations regarding the personal information of customers held by our company, and maintain and improve all activities related to personal information protection.

5. Implementation of in-house training

We have prepared a manual on personal information protection and conducted in-house training for officers and all employees (including temporary employees, part-timers and part-time workers) to comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information protection and other regulations.

6. Internal regulations about personal information protection and prevention measures of personal information leakage

We will maintain the internal rules regarding the protection of personal information of customers, show a clear policy on the handling of personal information, and will make it known in the company that we will take a strict attitude against personal information leakage etc. In addition, audits that make use of access logs are considered to be effective in preventing leaks due to the early detection of personal information leakers in the company and the effect of their deterrence, so we will consider the implementation method as well.

Date of establishment March 1, 2002
Revised on March 20, 2012