April 1977

Established a stock company with capital of 2 million yen in Ohta-ku, Tokyo for the purpose of importing, selling, and promoting advertising for the elf oil from France.

May 1977

Formed racing team "HRC" mainly for advertising of CIBIE brand from France and participated in domestic motor sports.

June 1977

Purchased the French Alpine Renault A 441 and participated in the Fuji Long Distance Series. The driver was Kiyoshi Misaki and Keiichi Suzuki. In addition, in the All Japan Formula 2 Championships, we supports the later Formula 1 World Champion Keke Rosberg on Kausen.

March 1978

We appointed Masahiro Hasemi and Kazuyoshi Hoshino to participate in the Fuji GC and Long Distance Series in the Alpine Renault A441. In addition, Martini MK22 was introduced to the All Japan F2 Championship and Noritake Takahara, Ren? Arnoux, and Satoru Nakajima were appointed and participated in the race.

March 1979

Takao Wada was appointed, and he participated in the All Japan F2 Championship with Martini MK29 and Fuji GC series with the Chevron B36. In addition, Haruto Yanagida is appointed and it participates in super silhouette with Nissan violet turbo. In addition, he entered FP and Macao GP with Kazuyoshi Hoshino and Chevron B40.

March 1980

At the request of JAF, he appointed Takao Wada to Long Beach Grand Prix in the United States and participated in Formula Atlantic with the support of CANON.

March 1981

In partnership with the Royce Racing Team, Kunimitsu Takahashi was appointed, and he joined the Fuji GC Series with Royce RM1. After competing with Naohiro Fujita, he missed the champion and ranked second in the annual ranking. In addition, F2 supports Maurer Eje Elgh.

March 1983

Participated in the All Japan F2 Championship and the Fuji GC Championship in a team with EPSON, HONDA and BRIDGESTONE. The driver was Satoru Nakajima, and the machine uses March 832. We also entered the Mooncraft/BMW at Fuji GC Championship. In addition, Keiichi Suzuki was appointed to the Toyota Starlet Cup and won the annual champion. The "Sportscar Festival '83" was held by our company renting Fuji Speedway.

March 1984

Joined with TRD and made two MCS Vfs competed for the Fuji GC Championship, and appointed Keiichi Suzuki and Keiji Matsumoto as drivers.

March 1985

Provides technical support for lighting in order for Toyota, Nissan and Mazda to enter provide Le Mans in earnest. We also support the WRC, All Japan Rally Championships, Paris Dakar Rally etc. Continue support activity until the year 2000.

March 1990

Personal support of Aguri Suzuki, who has decided to participate in the full F1 season with the French Larrousse, with a two-year contract. In addition, we supports Hideki Noda who participated in the British F3 Championship.

March 1991

Started importing and selling motor sports equipment in Tokyo. Established the brand name "Racing Palace". Representative change (contemporary presenter).

March 1992

Annual support for the F1 Tyrrell team. Teamed up with Chamberlain Engineering of the United Kingdom to form "Team Nippon", and participated in the Le Mans 24-hour car endurance race and the SWC Suzuka 1000 km endurance race. Started importing the CIZETA (Italian Super Car) as a sole distributor agent in Japan.

March 1993

Supported the Tyrrell team, Ukyo Katayama and Andrea De Cesaris in the F1 Japan Grand Prix. In addition, our representative races as a driver in the Le Mans 24-hour car endurance race, and he was the first Japanese to drive and finished the Porsche 911 to complete the race.

March 1994

Challenged Le Mans three times as a team Nippon. The drivers are Tomiko Yoshikawa (The first woman driver to compete at Le Mans), Masahiko Kondo (Famous Japanese singer and actor), and three of our representatives. In addition, the Suzuka 1000km race will support the Venturi 600LM from the French team BBA.

March 1995

Supported the McLaren GTR in the Suzuka 1000km race. Increased capital to 10 million yen. Teamed up with Red Baron to hold an acrobat flight event, and held the event at Ryugasaki Aerodrome.

August 1996

Opened Japanfs first racing car museum "Racing Palace" in Shizuoka Prefecture. We support McLaren GTR who participated in Suzuka 1000km in a race.

March 1997

Established a restore plant in Shizuoka Prefecture, and mainly started restoration of racing cars. In addition, we run the historic F1 cars and participate in various events.

March 1998

Support for Konrad Porsche in Suzuka 1000km race. A motor sports event "Racing Palace Summer Festival" is held aiming for Goodwood in Japan. At the same time, HF1DC "Historic Formula 1 Driver's Club" was established aiming to hold Historic F1 race.

March 1999

Acquires the right of German lighting company Hella, in Japan and begins of automotive lighting to each automakers. Support for foreigners Porsche in Fuji 1000km race participation.

March 2000

Supported the Marcos team in Suzuka 1000km race and won. Supported Yoshimura in Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance Race and won. Started the online shopping business.

March 2001

Support for Marcos team in Suzuka 1000km race.

March 2002

Contracted with Italy's OMP, and expand of selling the motorsport equipment. Contracted with Fuji TV (Dinos, shopping TV program) and entered TV mail order.

March 2003

Contracted with the Yasukuni Shrine and wholesale and started product development. Performs management work as a Japanese window of Takuma Sato.

March 2004

Started selling racing cars.

March 2005

Signed an agent agreement in Japan with the Absolute Absolute in the U.K. and the Australiafs Autographed Collectables. By supporting the Suzuka Circuit, we supported motor sports events during the F1 Japan GP.

March 2006

Started wholesale sales of the MOTO-GP memorabilia products. Start wholesale distribution of motor sports products to Twin Rink Motegi.

March 2007

Opened the gAuto Palaceh showroom in Tokyo, mainly for the sale of racing cars and historic cars.

March 2009

The brand name "The Palace" is established to control all businesses.

March 2010

Renewal of the internet business and website named gTHE PALACEh.

March 2015

Became general sales agent of the Chevron U.K. and the march USA.