1974 F1 Demonstration in Fuji

1976 F1 Japanese Grand Prix

I am surprised by the dignity of the Cosworth DFV engine, and I think that there are not many people fascinated by the DFV sound that created the F1 Golden Age, machines with such sounds and individuality.
How great it would be that such good old days F1 cars race at the speed of the time!
It is like a dream to revive the 40-year-old F1 machine to the present day and compete at racing speed.
However, in Europe and the United States, such a dream has been practiced since ancient times.
Thoroughbred Grand Prix (currently FIA Masters Historic F1 Championship), Historic Grand Prix, Historic Grand Prix of Monaco, etc. are representative overseas race groups.

If such a good old F1 race could be held in Japan as well, in 1999, our representative Jun Harada will be the president of the office and the vice chairman will be the late Junro Nishida as the founder and HF1DC (Historic F1 Driver's Club) It was launched.

This club is owned by owners who own F1 machines in Japan, and people who want to buy and participate from now gather, regularly hold running meetings and drive lessons, and in the future Historic F1 in Japan. It is a meeting for the purpose of holding and participating in a race.

However, the club has temporarily suspended its activities due to the fact that Mr. Nishida, who was serving as the vice-president of the association, passed away in the middle of a dream. I sincerely regret that I would like to share with you Nishida's dream of drawing to a friend.

At the moment, the resumption of future activities is undecided, but Harada, the chairman of the association, has a desire to continue the intention of the association.