We will guide you through various services that we can propose to companies.

We will create a picture or illustration of your choice by a specialist artist from home and abroad. We receive rough drafts and photo images from our customers, and after interviews with detailed requests, we will size and estimate. After that, we will submit a rough draft, bill it after final decision, and deliver it in about 2 months.

We design new product designs for various product designs according to the requirements of each company. We mainly develop new product designs, logos and various products. We can propose products that are differentiated from other companies by our unique network, such as novelty goods, and special products for shareholder special treatment.

Exclusive production of machine parts and driver's hand-drawn signs is possible. By exclusive contract with each F-1 team and driver, we can arrange original products with uniqueness. As well as selling, you can use it for corporate gifts and sales promotion.

Exclusive production of rider's autographed products is possible. By exclusive contract with each team and rider, we arrange original products with uniqueness. As well as selling, you can use it for corporate gifts and sales promotion.

We plan events to be held as part of regional activation. We plan events mainly on cars (classic cars, sports cars, racing cars). We will propose various interesting event plans tailored to the scale, location, number of customers, and usage.

We will import special planes and World War II fighters. We will mainly import fighters from World War I to the Vietnam War era. Please use it for the exhibition to the museum and the teaching practice to each local government.

Consultations on acquisition of product licenses and sales rights. We will negotiate in accordance with the needs of companies, such as the right to use logos, portrait rights, copyrights, etc., to each overseas automobile maker, parts maker, various famous athletes etc.

We rent vehicles for use in TV, magazines, WEB, model car production, etc. (Use is possible at events and photo sessions, but it may not be possible depending on the purpose of use. First, let us know the purpose etc. , We will consult about the available car models).

We support companies that are considering advertising in F1, MOTO GP, and domestic races. We will consult with you if you are a company that is considering advertising activities in various motor sports, whether domestic or foreign.

Production of special vehicles, prototype cars and event cars etc. Design and design of custom cars to be displayed at events and auto shows etc. Production of prototype cars of aftermarket products such as manufacturer options and replicas of old cars, etc. in response to requests. We will correspond.

It is a service to further customize and deliver kit car parts sold overseas, import agency for complete cars, specification changes, etc. to customers. Kit cars are mainly imported from the United States, Europe, and Australia.

We will coordinate and manage those who are considering participating in overseas races and events. We can offer consultations based on overseas classic car rally, formula cars, GT races, testing, etc. upon request.

We will coordinate if you would like to have your own event planning, etc. mainly using the circuit or airport. We accept consultations from the classic cars to the F1 and the planes from the acrobatic aircraft to the WWII aircraft according to the purpose of the event.

We will receive various consultations in line with the owner's club meetings and single events. In addition, it is possible to correspond according to the scale to the planning of a historic race holding and coordination. It is also possible to attract overseas historic race famous groups.

From classic cars to racing cars, especially race car restorations and parts search, parts production, we will correspond according to your request. We will respond to your budget and requests from full restore to partial restore.

I would like to ship some special vehicles overseas, from trucks to racing cars ... In exportable countries, we will use container vessels and low-row vessels to carry out transport operations around the world.

We offer foreign a guided tour of museums such as cars, motorcycles and planes. It is a tour guide of a hobby different from a general tour. We will propose it according to the request of the customer as a window of various museums in Japan.

We will act as an agent for auction participation procedure, export arrangement and sale on behalf of those wishing to sell classic cars, racing cars, motorcycles, etc. at overseas auctions (Some models may not be accepted. ).